UC Santa Barbara Senior Capstone    Presentations (@CS Summit) March 9th, 2022

CS189 B


CS189B is the second of the two courses that form the Capstone project sequence. The goal of this second course is to develop real systems for the selected project, test it in front of real users, adjust the designs given their feedback, and finally present it to the world! The course ends with a presentation day in which the completed projects are demonstrated publicly.

Instruction Hours:

Tuesday 2pm-6pm, Online for first 2 weeks then in SH 1430 -- see schedule for team meeting times


Chandra Krintz (ckrintz@ucsb.edu)
Office hours: By appointment


Mason Corey (mcorey@ucsb.edu)
Office hours: By appointment

Course Expectations

All students taking the capstone course sequence must have a significant amount of time to dedicate to this effort over the next two quarters. In addition, all students must be capable of exceptional independent learning and be highly self-motivated and interested in making the team work and be successful.

Key Milestones

The course is structured in four two-week sprints.
At the beginning of the class, the teams are required to provide an overall, high-level development plan. At the end of each sprint, the teams are required to perform a Sprint Review (with the sponsor) and a Sprint Retrospective. The summary of these two efforts are to be discussed with the instructor during class. Teams will also create a presentation and poster to display at summit.cs at the end of the quarter.


  • - Refresh this page frequently as the schedule below will continously change. See the schedule for upcoming meeting times and deadlines.
  • - The class will start off meeting remotely via zoom for at least the first two weeks due to the University's covid-19 protocols. We then will meet in SH1430. In both cases we will separate the teams across the meeting period. See your time slot under the schedule. All members of the team must meet together during their timeslot (online the first 2 weeks or if 1+ members are sick, in person thereafter). Zoom details are posted on gauchospace and piazza.
  • - The class will use this piazza for all communications.
  • - See the Resources section below for examples from previous Capstone classes/teams.


- See this link for the CS189B W22 schedule - check each week as it is subject to change


- Links to posters, presentation, and project artfacts to use as examples can be found at the Teams links below.
- Judges Rubric: [PDF]
- 2021 Final Presentation: YouTube, Teams page, First=Alcon, Second=Teledoc Health, Third=Novacoast
- 2020 Final Presentation: Box, Teams page, First=Well Health, Second=Logmein, Third=PowWow Energy (now AgMonitor)
- 2019 Final Presentation: YouTube, Teams page, First=Appfolio, Second=Arthrex, Third=Logmein