UC Santa Barbara Senior Capstone    Presentations (@CS Summit) March 11th, 2020

UCSB Computer Science Senior Capstone Project Design and Development

2-Quarter Sequence: Fall/Winter Quarters

The capstone course sequence presents an opportunity to develop innovative solutions to real industry problems. You won't find answers to these problems in a textbook, on a message board, or in off-the-shelf software package -- because students in this class are among the first ever to be able to solve them. Working together with industry leaders, student teams take on the most challenging problems of the day with technological innovation, creativity, and boatloads of hard work.

The capstone course sequence is offered during the Fall and Winter quarters at UCSB with Capstone projects presented to public during the UCSB CS Summit on March 11th in Corwin Pavillion!


189A Instructor -- Chandra Krintz [website], UCSB Computer Science
    — Teaching Assistant -- Steve Bako [website], UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering, Office Hours
189B Instructor -- Steve Bako [website], UCSB Electrical and Computer Engineering, Office Hours
    — Teaching Assistant -- Jake Guida, UCSB Computer Science

What are people saying about Capstone?

"Capstone was the single best experience I had in all of my 16+ years of education (except for maybe coloring in first grade). I learned more in the 5 months of Capstone than I did in the first three years of college combined. What can I say about a program that helped me learn about the industry as well as helped me get my first job out of college? AWESOME!"
    — Zack Warburg, Software Engineer, AppFolio

"CS189 not only helped me during job interviews but also the project I am working on with PowerPoint is very similar to the project that my group worked on (the online slide sharing app)"
    — Melissa Hunter, Software Design Engineer, Microsoft

"As far as getting a job goes, CMPSC 189 is probably one of the most useful things you can do as an undergrad."
    — Brendan Blackwood, iContact.

"Many projects I am working on now I find myself going through the same steps I did in CMPSC 189 class. From gathering requirements, producing design specs, and ultimately presenting my work."
    — Chris Fattarsi, Web Developer, NASA Ames Research Center

"In the past few years we have worked with Novacoast, JPL, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Aerospace Corp, FindTheBest, Eucalyptus, and many other companies to take on problems across a broad range of Computer Science. If you are interested in participating either as a student or a sponsor, please don't hesitate to ask some questions!"
    — Tim Sherwood, Professor of Computer Science and co-instructor for CS 189